There are numerous arbitrage sports betting subscription services available on the net, each with their own way of doing things. Over the past couple of years I've used most of them at one time or another and I continue to use a small number of them. 

Note: I haven't included my personal software, Arbstation, here because it's not strictly commercially available. I only share it with 9 users at any one time so there are only 10 of us using it, keeping the competition for arbs down.

Since I've only just made this available, there are a couple of spots left. If they're still available after you've tried the demo, you 'll be offered a chance to subscribe. If not, then please read on for information about some of the others that are on the market...

The type that may be appropriate for you will depend on your level of experience and the level of trading activity that you think you will be involved in. Some services provide several thousand each month, whilst others manage less than 50 per month. Therefore, it's quite important that you match your requirements with the right service. Otherwise you will either be inundated with arbs or starved. Either way you're going to be very frustrated.

Of course, my reviews are largely subjective because they are based solely upon my own personal experience. However, there is one aspect of each review that is objective and which is perhaps the most important measurement: the bottom line. That is, how much I personally made (or continue to make) with each service. I've included this profit analysis in greater detail in my accounts, which I will update every quarter.

The reviews use a star-rating system where 5 stars means excellent and 1 star means atrocious. The headings I've chosen to rate are:

  • Price
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Convenience
  • Profitability

    Very Good
    Very Poor

Sports Arbitrage Services & Software
 Bettor Paradise  




Overall Rating: ***** | Established: 1999 | Platform:Web | Pricing:GBP 97 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 25 | Number of Bookmakers: 200+


Review: ArbAlarm comes from the longest established of all of the sports arbitrage companies, Sports Arbitrage World. The TraderZone is the latest version of this software and it offers a large number of unique features such as 'next best price' notifications for situations where you miss a prices & a bonus-scalping filter which automatically sorts through trades that use bookies where you have bonuses sitting.

The filters system is able to block arbs based on sports, bookmakers andprofit-yield. It can also block arbs where mixed rules apply and it can block most palpable errors by comparing all prices to the market average.

There is an accounting function which records all of your trades automatically and provides you with reports such as accounts balances/profit/ROI etc

The TraderZone is also able to grab 3rd party data. This means that you can receive arbs from any other service(s) within the TraderZone - very helpful if you use its accounting feature as it keeps everything all in one place. For this reason, the TraderZone provides by far the highest number of arbs of any service. This is obviously somewhat controversial but equally very good for users as it makes a subscription to other services slightly pointless.

New features are added every month and users are actively encouraged to submit their ideas for inclusion. When you log in, you can see the new features list and vote on the ones you prioritise. The developers work onthe most popular ones first.

They also provide the best professional trading browser ArbSurfer Pro

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Overall Rating: *** | Established: 2007 | Platform:Web | Pricing:GBP 75+ | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 15| Number of Bookmakers: 32

Review: Arbets provides arbitrage alerts through a dynamic website setup, with backup alerts available through email, SMS and personal messengers. They use 32 bookmakers, nearly all of which are A or B rated on SBR. A free version of their alerts is available to everyone where all arbs below 1% are displayed. Full membership opens access to all other arbs above 1%

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Overall Rating: *** | Established: 2007 | Platform:Web | Pricing:GBP 50 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 19 | Number of Bookmakers: 90

Review: ArbExpert scans 90 bookmakers and 19 sports. The service has a decent filtering system which allows you to easily filter out bookmakers you don't want, sports you don't want, arb percentages which are too low or too high, odds which are too out of alignment with other odds offered on the game, and bet types. They offer a full time and a part time service.

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Overall Rating: **** | Established: 2006 | Platform:Web | Pricing:GBP 140 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 14 | Number of Bookmakers:40

Review: ArbitragePro position themselves as catering to professional traders although theiir service has been known to be patchy i.e excellent at times but poor at other times. They do not offer a free trial and have previously caused complaints amongst traders for their arbitrary price increases.

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Overall Rating: ** | Established: 2005 | Platform:Email | Pricing:GBP 10 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 20 | Number of Bookmakers: 36

Review: Arbhunters displays arbs in its members area. You can also elect to receive the information by email and/or SMS.This service is archaic in that the arbs are found by people rather than software. This, of course, limits the number of arbs they can locate and the distribution media they use are comparitvely slow. However, fewer arbs and slower delivery are offset by the cheaper access fee.

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Overall Rating: ** | Established: 2008 | Platform:Email | Pricing:GBP 25 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 25 | Number of Bookmakers: 102

Review:ArbSafe distributes its information by email & SMS. This manually-driver service claims to locate 150-170 arbs each month.

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Overall Rating: ** | Established: 2008 | Platform:Email | Pricing:Free | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 10 | Number of Bookmakers: 20

Review:BetSquare is a small Odds Comparison website which offers a free surebet service which is easily subscribed to through RSS or email alerts. Their website is available in 6 different languages.

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Overall Rating: *** | Established: 2000 | Platform:Web | Pricing:GBP 50 + | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 25 | Number of Bookmakers: 125

Review:BetBrain is general odds comparison website and betting portal which accesses many different bookmakers on virtually every sport and tournament. They provide access to the comparative odds of many bookmakers with a 20-minute delay for free. Only the most expensive subscription, wihich costs €150 per month, offers prices with no added delay. The service has been known to be patchy with most months experiencing some downtime.

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Overall Rating: *** | Established: 1999 | Platform:Web | Pricing:Free | Screenshots | Number of Sports: 6 | Number of Bookmakers: 33

Review:Bettor Paradise provides an arbitrage alert service which can be used for free by using their bookmaker affiliate links, or by referring friends. Normal registration for Bettor Paradise will give you 14 days of free access, while using the link on this page or on the Sports Arbitrage Guide Free Trials page will provide an additional 14 day free trial (total of 28 days free access to all features). To extend your free access past your initial 28 days you need to register with one of their partner sites or refer a friend. Referring a friend will provide a 30 day extension, while using their affiliate link to register at a bookmaker will provide a 30 to 365 day extension determined by which bookmaker you register under.