Interested in becoming a Sports-Arbitrage Trader?

First things first. There was originally nothing for sale on this site. My son set up this webspace for me 2 years ago so that I could share and document my experiences of my retirement career as a sports arbitrage trader.

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However, over this period, I have found that the site has been taking up more and more of my time, and so I have decided to try to make it “pay for itself”.

I started to write a journal of my progress after the first 3 months of trading. I found that there was just so much to learn and since a lot of this was by trial and error, the only way to build upon my mistakes was to write things down. I expect that many other traders will have had similar experiences, good and bad, and if you’re just about to start out, you’ll no doubt have them too. 

I’m now  selling the journals on this site. If you decide that you have some interest in them, that’s great and you will find purchase details over here.

But if not, please continue to enjoy the rest of the site – it has a lot of  information and I am not going to mention the journals here again so you are not going to be “sold to”

With that said, let me get back to the original purpose of the site.

Despite what anyone tells you, arbitrage betting takes quite a bit of effort to get working and it’s not always plain sailing so I hope that you will be able to gain something from reading about my experiences. Having said that, the profits are there for the taking, there’s no doubt about that. I’m still writing up much of my journal and with the help of my son, everything should be on here some time before the end of the year. My name is Alan Seymour. I’m 57 years old and, until late 2001, worked as a civil engineer in Essex. I took an early retirement and after a brief spell of looking for things to do with my time, found myself reading a direct mail letter about a risk free betting opportunity from a company that I had previously asked to send me their information on working from home. I’ve never previously been interested in betting and probably would not have looked twice at the opportunity but for two happy coincidences. The first was that I had a hell of a lot of time on my hands and the second was that the company who sent me mailshot had some very skilled copywriters. Their letter, full of lines such as “make £650 a week, tax-free, without risking a penny to do it”,  “no risk, no doubt, no losses. No anxious waiting. Just guaranteed profit, and lots of it” and “make a profit from 95% bets you place and break-even on the other 5%” intrigued me enough to send them £50 for the handbook and that was the start of my new career as a sports-arbitrage trader.

Well, not quite.

Reading the book was interesting, but it was something else entirely to actually get started and even find a live arb, let alone make any money from it. I could see that the theory made perfect sense, but actually applying it was not nearly as easy as the clever copywriters had made it seem. It took me just under 3 months to really start getting to grips with the practicalities and in that time I only just managed to cover the cost of the book plus a bit more for the time I had spent (less than minimum wage, I might add). Now, I’m not bitter about the copywriters or the way the book promised more than it delivered, because if it wasn’t for that company I may not have gotten involved at all. But I do think that anyone who is interested in trying to make money this way should be warned that it’s not as easy as some companies will have you believe and that, in a nutshell, is why I decided to put this website up.

I’ve also been quite meticulous with my accounts. This is of necessity because of the number of transactions that I’ve entered into, but it was also quite important to me to be able to know just how much my time was being valued at. Since the tax-man can’t claim anything of my earnings, I’m happy to share my results on this site. You can view the accounts by clicking here