I started to write a journal of my progress after the first 3 months. I found that there was just so much to learn and since a lot of this was by trial and error, the only way to build upon my mistakes was to write things down. I expect that many other traders will have had similar experiences, good and bad, and if you’re just about to start out, you’ll no doubt have them too.

One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to get them ready is that over the last couple of years I’ve had lots of interesting discussions with other traders – professionals and newbies – which have provided additional information that I wanted to include. The result, I believe, is unique in the world of sports-arbitrage: clear and precise instructions from basic start-up to the most obscure & profitable advanced techniques.

I’ve split the journals into 2 parts – Basic Introduction and Advanced Trading Guide – and listed the contents of each below.

Basic Introduction:

1. Introduction
– Discussion about the pitfalls
– Quotes from other professional traders

2. Capital
– Recommended bank accounts
– Credit cards
– Capital requirements
– Where to place the money

3. Bookmakers
– Which ones to set up accounts with
– How to know which ones to avoid
– Advice on currency issues

4. Initial procedures
– Learning the calculations
– Free arbitrage stakes calculator
– Using your trading time efficiently

5. Searching for arbs
– A 3-stage process for finding arbs

6. Accounting
– Using an accounting program
– Setting up an accounts template
– A worked example of recording deposits, bets and wins

7. Exclusive free trials with various arbitrage notification services.
– This will allow you to make side-by-side comparisons to see exactly which suits you. I’ve also included a list of those companies which DECLINED to be included, presumably because they do not want to be compared with their peers before you subscribe to them – pretty useful information to have before you splash out any money on them.

8. Introduction to advanced trading techniques
– multi-currency arbs, betting exchange strategies, trading multiples, scalping bonuses, middles & sides, betting in-running, account-management

The Advanced Trading Guide goes on to describe, in full detail, all of the techniques used by myself and seven other professional traders to maximise profits whilst protecting our accounts.

The content of the Advanced Trading Guide is all derived from the practical experience of real traders who make real money week-in, week-out from their techniques. It’s not fanciful theory that may have worked at one time or another – the instructions are precise and following the examples will allow you to put these methods to use within an hour or two.

The first section of the Advanced Trading Guide describes the various techniques we use to find arbs manually in each of the 10 most tradeable sports: boxing, cricket, darts, football, golf, motor-racing, rugby, tennis, baseball and ice hockey.

The second section discusses & teaches, again in full detail, the following techniques:

– Exchange rate issues
– Staking techniques

– Back at Bookmaker / Back at Exchange
– Back at Exchange 1 / Back at Exchange 2

– Back at Bookmaker / Lay at Exchange
– Back at Exchange 1 / Lay at Exchange 2
– Back at Exchange 1 / Lay at Exchange 1

– Leveraging Existing Arbs with Multiple Lays

– Using accumulator bets (doubles & trebles) in arbitrage

– Systematically cashing in on the free money offered by bookmakers

– Generating risk-free double-payouts with horse-racing
– Using Totals & Handicaps to generate windfall profits

– Key Numbers, Buying Points, Managing a Middles betting bank, Best sports to Middle, Reverse Middles, Finding Middles

– Taking advantage of live trading opportunities in some sports
– Warnings of the sports to avoid betting in-running

– Protecting your bookmaker accounts from limits
– Running multiple bookmaker accounts safely

– How much capital?
– Recommended hardware & software

– Pros & Cons
– Free trials & demos

– Profits
– Emigration
– Launchpad to new careers

My Advanced Trading Guide really is one-of-a-kind and I don’t think you’ll ever have another opportunity to learn so many ways to exploit the online gaming industry to boost your personal income by so much.

The conditions under which I have been allowed by my correspondents to share these techniques are that I limit the number of people with whom I share the journals and that I share all proceeds with the contributors. I considered these terms to be more than fair and I am certain that you will too once you start putting the information to work.

Whilst my Introduction journals can be found on eBay (if you do a search for the terms “sports arbitrage”) there are now only a few copies of the Advanced journal left. If you would like a copy, please use the links below.

Exclusive Video Tutorials

I know from experience that it is often much easier to grasp trading concepts if they are actually shown to you in a demonstration rather than just written about. As you already know from this introductory guide, my ebooks really are written in a clear manner and you will definitely be able to pick up and learn everything from them. However, I’ve also made a set of companion videos which go through the chapters of the books to explain some of the techniques verbally which you may find easier to digest.

These videos are similar to a course of personal one-on-one tuition sessions with me as your teacher.

In the Videos, I cover the following topics:

– setting up accounts with MS Money
– Tennis Set-Betting
– Betting Exchange Strategies
– Leveraging Existing Arbs
– Middles & Sides
– Multiple Currencies

Exclusive access to the videos plus both ebooks costs £99

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